Writing a Book

So… I’m writing this book…and it is semi-autobiographical.

Not sure how I feel about it now that I am putting my thoughts down in black and white. Parts of it seem a bit juvenile, but to be fair, I was a juvenile during the time period I am writing about.

Why am I doing this? I guess because I feel like there is a story there to be told. A part of me wants to stretch my mind and do this for the accomplishment aspect. Another part of me wants to show that I’m more than just some uptight nerdy weirdo who had a life prior to getting married and having kids.

What I am supposed to be doing is finding folks for a customer service position in Utah. That is proving harder than I initially thought. The job market is so different than it was in 2019, making what used to be a challenging yet rewarding career into an exercise in frustration.

Can I do this? Am I really able to write and be successful? Even moderate success could be a challenge. Am I up for the constant rejection – HA – isn’t that something I deal with on a regular basis anyway?

I’ve wanted to be so many things in my life, and author is one that has stuck with me. I enjoy telling stories and making people laugh. What other occupation offers as much?

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