A New Chapter, Part 1

Goodbyes are hard…except when no one likes you.  Well, even then they can still sting.

I knew when I put my 2 weeks notice in that things were not going to be smooth sailing. Some people got mad, some were jealous, some were amused in a what-will-they-do-about-her-job-now kind of way, and maybe there were a few who were sad. Oh don’t kid yourself, there was just one – my husband.

I found a staffing job in Fayetteville. This is a soft-landing type of move – I move up here and live in my in-laws guest house and work and once hubby has a job then he will move as well. Somewhere in there we will sell the house and will live happily ever after. No, forreal – it’s just that simple! But first…

First of all, like I said, I put in my notice. First day, nothing happened with me until around 3pm when my boss called to say boo-hoo please don’t go, we can’t do this without you, here’s another retention bonus please stay. Shhhhhhitttttt I wish but….it didn’t go down like that. First of all, he said, aw, you didn’t even make it to the fun part. (What? There was a fun part? WTF no one told me!) Then he said, can you PLEASE stay one more day? (Pay attention – that request is essential to the sting I mentioned earlier). I agreed, not just because I’m such a nice person but I felt like by agreeing I might be making my case to be paid my piddling little severance even stronger. No matter that by agreeing to this extra day I would be putting a crimp in my move preparation – that wasn’t their concern. I found out second-hand that he had actually called and talked to a lot of other people, including my husband’s boss, about my resignation prior to finally talking to me later in the afternoon. Hmm…they aren’t known for their communication skills and yet this was communicated pretty well I would say.

So first week went by and nothing was really said or done in regards to me. What a waste of time on their part. Boss and counterpart flew in Monday afternoon of second week but did not come to the office nor did they contact me at all. Keep in mind that my last day is Thursday. Tuesday, they arrive and camp out in my tiny cube. It was CRAMPED. I am claustrophobic anyway but I really like my space when it comes to work spaces. Sheesh. All day long, going through a list of duties and explaining, ad nauseum, the who what when where and why of everything. Problem is, I had already sent them most of this information in one form or another at some point after the merger. Does no one at this company read anything?

Wednesday arrives and it’s pretty much more of the same “togetherness”. Yay me. At some point in the afternoon, they decided to go to one of the other facilities and finally left me alone. I took that moment to start packing up my stuff. Most of it I gladly left – had they given me a match I would have been way too excited to use that shit for kindling. They came back before 5pm but never came back to my cube. Odd, but whatever. Hubby came down at 5 and helped me load my stuff into my Jeep. No escort, no oversight. No need really as I didn’t give two shits about any of that crap anyway. Making my way out with the last bit of stuff, I threw out “goodbyes” and “see you guys tomorrows” to people who by now were not hiding that they really didn’t GAF. I then went home.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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