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Shiny Happy People – can I be one of them?


This positive thinking is harder than I thought it would be. 

have always thought of myself as a fairly cheerful morning person. Or at least that is what other grumpier non-morning people have told me when I tried to strike up a conversation first thing in the morning with them. Just short of telling me to shut up anyway.

Somehow, life has turned me into something else, something darker and more cynical. It’s up to me to change that.

Starting today.

These thoughts have to change: the negativity, the doubting, the pessimism,  the cynicism. Basically all the “YOU SUCK-isms”.

This is where it’s going to feel a bit icky and get dicey but they have to be replaced by something. Shiny, happy, positive, sunshine and MF rainbows, you-can-do-it thoughts.

Whoa…baby steps.

I will start this process with a new morning routine. Dusting off the old journal and HANDWRITING my thoughts. That’s how this blog post started this morning and see how well this has turned out?

As I said, baby steps.

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