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Are these tattoos sending me straight to hell?

Funny you should ask, because everyone close to me, with the exception of my three kids seems to think so.  I am literally on the "Highway to Hell".

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Promises, Promises (Part 1)

I know, I know...I promised myself that I would write more regularly. So here goes - It's been a helluva couple of weeks here in my world. I have figured out that I am: Too old to attend Dave Matthews Band concerts, especially the lawn; Still too fat to comfortably navigate that trek in humid… Continue reading Promises, Promises (Part 1)


It’s That Time of Year Again…

Graduation. Whew. So glad that I am no longer required to make my best faces at public school events. Pressure is off! I no longer have to pretend that I care about the pretentious Moms and their darling little offspring. I can merely observe from my "Bitch Cave" while sipping on delicious adult drinks in… Continue reading It’s That Time of Year Again…


Ain’t Nobody (Gonna Steal My Joy)

Some days, I question why I work in HR. I truly do enjoy helping people, but there are today...when I question my own sanity. And another thing...I'm not really a hard core feminist, but women are the stronger sex. We have to be! We do it all nowadays - we carry the babies, we… Continue reading Ain’t Nobody (Gonna Steal My Joy)