Tattoos, Unpopular

Are these tattoos sending me straight to hell?

Funny you should ask that, because everyone close to me, with the exception of my three kids seems to think so.  I am literally on the “Highway to Hell”.

For my son Luke’s 23rd birthday, we all decided to get family & friends tattoos. This included my three kids, Luke’s fiance, and myself. No one else was interested so away we went.

We went to a tattoo parlor in a hip part of Fayetteville right off Dickson Street and were not disappointed. The place was clean, well-lit, played cool music and the tattoo artists were amazingly patient and cool. My kids decided on Pokeballs for their sibling tattoos, with each one being easily identified as what it is, but each one still slightly different. My daughter and her best friend (and soon to be sister-in-law) chose the “Friends” logo for theirs, and my daughter and I chose a mother holding her daughter infinity for ours.  My tattoo just for me was a drawing I had saved on Pinterest a long time ago…a stack of books with a cute little coffee cup on top, steam rising from the cup and a tiny pink heart. That is me in a nutshell – love books, and love coffee.

The process was not pain-free, but was tolerable. I mean come on – I’ve birthed three children without epidurals, and only using the tiniest amount of pain meds due to the back labor I experienced with all three as they came out “sunny side up”.  I am satisfied with my two small tats, and if you look at me from the front with my arms to my side, you can’t even see them.

Needless to say, my husband is NOT happy with me, or the kids. My family…just plain assholes about it. My in-laws? No comment. I feel like I went through a tornado in Kansas, and like Dorothy I was picked up and dropped off into a different land. Suddenly a pariah among those holier-than-thou. Like Cersei when she was tortured, hair shorn, and forced to walk the streets of King’s Landing naked while the townspeople yelled at her – “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” Yeah, it’s been a lot like that.

Aren’t we a little more progressive nowadays? Oh, wait, that’s right – I may have moved out of one of the most repressive areas of Arkansas but I am still in the state and still in the South. The Bible Belt is alive and well here folks!!

Stay tuned for how this plays out…

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