Yes, I’m still alive…

…alive and kicking, but barely. The past 10 months have been interesting to say the least.

Let’s see…I have been here since July and changed jobs already. Same industry, different company, different city. I promoted myself! I am the Staffing Floor Manager (basically Branch Manager for all intents and purposes) of a staffing company in Springdale. My commute went from 10-15 minutes to 30+ minutes. Springdale traffic is the WORST! I am not exaggerating…Fayetteville isn’t as bad. One or two exits north and fugheddaboudit!

Stress went up exponentially once I took on more responsibility. I realized and expected that. What I didn’t count on was how unrealistic our budget was going to be and how much more added stress that would bring. I’ve been in staffing off and on since 2004 – there are ebbs and flows in this business – it’s just the nature of the beast. Apparently not up here! Competition is tight and it’s all “FILL FILL FILL!!!”. We are measured on the number of fills we have per day, and we are pressured to fill them QUICKLY. There are competitors on every corner and we all basically offer the same thing – the way to win in this market is to be first. Basically Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights.

. Image result for if you're not first you're lastpretty much you said it RB…

Anyway, I’m usually the coolest cucumber in the bunch when it comes to work. I get riled up, but for the most part I’m the level-headed, let’s-look-at-this-rationally, what’s the best way to fix this person. That does NOT translate up here. If you miss the boat, so to speak, you are left high and dry.  (Or so that’s the impression being given) Up here, Chicken Little is alive and well and OMG…

THE SKY IS FALLING! Image result for the sky is falling

Best believe it!


We are DOOMED!


We have to stay here until 7pm EVERY NIGHT to make up for this atrocity!


Now wait just a damn minute…didn’t I just leave a ridiculous scenario very similar to this? But this feels more like punishment than some stupid obligatory ritual to make us look like we are being productive. Nope, definitely not on board for this!

What they don’t realize is this type of stress is not good for any of us, and this level of it for an extended period of time is not realistically feasible. Something’s gotta give and unfortunately it may be all of us.



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