Back In the Saddle…Again…

saddleI’m back BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, I’m back…in staffing. It feels oh-so-good to be back doing something that I actually know like the back of my hand and don’t spend every waking moment feeling stupid.  If only it paid as well, but truthfully money ISN’T everything.  It is nice, though.

If you know me, you know I am not an Arkansas fan, but this doesn’t feel like Arkansas. My version is swampy Louisiana-North. This is mountains and milder temps…and apparently big-ass hail. I have developed a Razorback filter from years of exposure, so even that doesn’t bother me. It really is a different state north of Little Rock. While the rest of my family is suffering with 100+ degree weather (and even hotter heat indices), it has been a mild 80-something up here. Oh it did get into the 90’s this past weekend, but it was still not 100% relative humidity/swamp-ass hot. I could definitely get used to this!

I’m enjoying my commute to work, and I really enjoy the ladies I work with. My prior staffing experience is definitely helping me and mainly what I am learning now are the processes specific to our company.

I wish my husband was here to enjoy this with me. He doesn’t like to drive, but if the drive is as pretty as this…I mean c’mon! My stress level has dropped tremendously.

And that, my friends, is worth more than money.

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