A New Chapter, Part 1

Goodbyes are hard...except when no one likes you.  Well, even then they can still sting. I knew when I put my 2 weeks notice in that things were not going to be smooth sailing. Some people got mad, some were jealous, some were amused in a what-will-they-do-about-her-job-now kind of way, and maybe there were a… Continue reading A New Chapter, Part 1


Ain’t Nobody (Gonna Steal My Joy)

Some days, I question why I work in HR. I truly do enjoy helping people, but there are days...like today...when I question my own sanity. And another thing...I'm not really a hard core feminist, but women are the stronger sex. We have to be! We do it all nowadays - we carry the babies, we… Continue reading Ain’t Nobody (Gonna Steal My Joy)

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What the Twit?

Twitter...please stop trying to make "fetch" happen! I have my group of friends. Ok, group of people I have bonded with virtually through various social and professional media platforms. Isn't that the 21st century version of making friends? Anywhoo....I have my friends. I have folks I follow. I have folks I avoid. It's just like… Continue reading What the Twit?